Former Minister of Defense impressed by communication solutions from RESEIWE

The Chairman of the parliamentary group of the Liberal Party (Venstre) and a former Minister of Defence, Søren Gade,  and Tina French, candidate the position as Mayor of Aalborg, visited RESEIWE on Monday April 3rd to get a thorough walkthrough of the projects in progress. They saw a demonstration of how advanced communication solutions can help save lives in public safety and enable indoor drone flights in harsh industrial environments using by use of resilient radio link for Industry 4.0.

The two politicians raised a number of interesting topics, and exchanged ideas on how to open new markets in e.g. the US.

“I am impressed experiencing how clever engineers at RESEIWE have been able to add value to existing technology using their patented technology to couple e.g. GPS with long range Wi-Fi. This is clearly an example of successful innovation” Søren Gade said at the end of the visit.

It was nice seeing how revolutionary research at Aalborg University can be transformed into solutions for commercial use” Tina French added.

The employees at RESEIWE including the founders CEO Niels-Christian Gjerrild and Professor Petar Popovski were pleased for the visit and the interest.

“It is important for a startup as RESEIWE to prove how we can make a significant contribution and connect with important people with business-related network. We think the politicians had a nice experience, and we hope this will prove to be valuable to us some time in the future” Niels-Christian Gjerrild concludes.

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